The Graveyard Book

Nobody Owens (Bod)- A 10 year old boy who scaped his killer hen he was a baby. He is curios and smart. Bod grew up raised by Mr. Owens, Mrs. Owens, and his guardian Silas
Mrs. Owens-A Ghost who lives in the graveyard.She promised Bod's mom she protect him and care for him. She has never had children when she was living.
Silas- The guardian of Bod and is not living or dead. He is one Bod trusts the most.
Jack- The one who killed Bod's family, his mom, dad, and older sister. Later in the book Jack finds Bod and then tries to kill him again, because Jack ment to kill him as a baby.
Liza Hempstock - A witch who was drowned and then burned while she was alive. Liza helps Bod when he gets captured.
Scarlett- A little girl who Bod played with when she was little and moves away, but 5 years later moves back and meets Bod again.


One dark foggy night Jack slipped into a house planning to kill 4 people. Fist he went to the first floor and killed Bod's mom and dad, half of his work was done. Then he goes to the next floor and kills his sister, he only had one left. Now he went to the next floor but there was no one in the room, so Jack slipped out of the house into the night. At this time a baby was crawling up a hill to find himself in the arms of two ghosts. Those two ghosts were Mr. and Mrs. Owens they promised that they would take care of Bod until he is old enough to live on his own in the real world with alive people.

The Problem

Bod is now 5 and meets a girl named Scarlett. Bod brings her inside the sleer's tomb to play. The next day Scarlett tells Bod she has to move away to Scottland, and probobally won't see him again. When she leaves Bod feels very sad. Now Bod is 10 years old and he meets Liza Hempstock (the witch that helps heal his leg after he falls out of an apple tree). Bod asks where her head stone is but she didn't have one so Bod went to sell the Valueable stone he got from the sleer (they protect three things: the knive, goblett, brouch). Bod gets captured because the shop owner knows Jack and thinks that
the boy is about the right age of kid that Jack is looking for. The store manager puts Bod in the closet and calls Jack. Meanwhile in the closet Liza Hempstock comes and helps Bod with his fading. When the store manager comes to get Bod he slips out the door with out him even knowing.

The Conclusion

Scarlett moves back to where Bod lives and meets Mr. Frost. Mr. Frost is a person who keeps the Graveyard clean and does grave rubbings. One day Scarlett gets lost and Ends up at the Graveyard. She runs into Bod who is being followed by Jack and his three evil friends. Bod takes Scarlett up to the tomb with the sleer so she can hide. While she is hiding Bod leads the other three men into the Ghoul Gate (a very deep tomb that leads to the Ghouls). After they disappear Bod goes to see if Scarlett was alright but all he saw was a man with a knife pointed at her neck. Bod soon realized that it was Jack holding the knife. Jack saw that Bod came down and Jack heard the sleer say "we protect untill we have a master". "Are you our master"? Jack thought about that and thought to himself and then said "since my other three friends are dead I will become you're master". Then sleer took Jack away to tell all the other sleers that they finally had a master. Bod brought Scarlett to Silas to bring her to her mother. After that day Bod was finally ready to go into the world with other alive humans... with his heart wide open.


imperturbable- uncapable of being upset
intimadate- to make timid or feel upset
inquisitive- unduly or unappropriated
panic- a sudden overwhelming fear
twilight- the soft, diffused light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon
exasperating- to irritate or provoke to a high degree
terpsichore- choreography, the art of dancing
vulgar- indecent
crypt- a subterranean chamber or vault
Frobisher- an english explorer who made three voyages to the Canadian Arctic